viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Views from Japan

For my collection I've received from Japan five official postcard since I began in Postcrossing.

Two days ago, amenote wrote me because she sent me a postcard last December 18th and I had not registered it... and today I received it, after travelling 50 days. It's a nice painting of Japanese art, showing sumo wrestlers in the ring before a match.

But my first Japanese postcard was this one, that I received in May from Non: the Nijo Castle, in Kyoto.

Last summer, Yukimi sent me the third postcard, this time of Miyajima, in Hiroshima. It's registered as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This multiview of Tokyo was sent by misuzu. Some views of Akihabara Shopping Square - Main Gate of "Senso Ji" Temple Imperial Palace "Chiyoda-Jo" Castle - Tokyo Station.

And finally basketwork sent me in Christmas this postcard with something typical in her region, Japanese green tea.

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