martes, 3 de febrero de 2009

North, Central and South America

This day I received a bit from all America!

From North America, I've received two postcard.

This really nice view is the interior of Missouri Historical Society's Library, in St. Louis. A spectacular dome crowns the Margaret B. Grigg Oberheide Reading Room. Originally it was synagogue built in 1921. This is a kind postcard in return from JEM, for the official I sent her.

And mcbuchanan sent me from New Orleans this official postcard showing a painting of one of the streetcars go downtown in the older areas of the city.

From Central America shirleycr sent me this beautiful postcard for the "Ofrezco" Tag, in Spanish Forum, showing three views of Caribbean in Costa Rica (Cahuita and Puerto Viejo).

And from South America, I liked this multiview sent by muchachita. She gave some postcards to celebrate one special moment in her life. This is an Historical Monument of Chile.

The Civic District of the Nitrate's Office of Maria Elena (Oficina salitrera), the last office in operation for over two hundred that existed in the 19th and 20th centuries, founded in 1926. They are buildings like the Metro Theater, the old neighborhood store, the market, the church of San Rafael Arcangel, the square, the old Consolidated School of Testing, and the head office of the Sports and Social Association.

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